Anairis Q

Voice of Olivia and fellow game dev, Anairis has had her name pop up in a lot of video games over the years including Asagao Academy, Crush Crush, Cute Demon Crashers and many more!

Elsie Lovelock

Here to voice Ella, Elsie is a fantastic singer and actress and has lent her voice to such games as The Letter, Pale Spectrum Part Two and the animated series The Hazbin Hotel!

Rosalind Sanders

A newcomer, but super talented, Rosie will join her first visual novel in this project, and is voicing Sabrina!

Lady Red a.k.a Boss Bitch

Real life biker witch Lady Red has made a big name of herself as an immensely talented artist and illustrator, but she’s here to lend her voice to Deedee!

Katie Otten

Stage actor, voice actor, model - Katie does a lot of fantastic work, and has joined us to voice Godis. Her voice can be heard in games such as Runewards, Snowdrop and Infinite Adventures!


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